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Apply Online

Step 1: Click on “New account” at this link:

Step 2: Fill out all the pertinent information.

Step 3: Click ok”

You will receive an email from the Training Center that provides you with access to the online application with instructions on how to submit the application.

  1. Login with the email and password you gave us at this link:

  2. Select “Application” from the menu at the top of the page.

  3. Under “Select Apprenticeship Program”, select which program you are applying for.

  4. Then, click “Start Application”

  5. Complete section numbers 2-4 that are shown at the bottom of the page.

    1. Click on “Edit Application” to see the items 2-4 that need to be completed.

    2. There is a submit button at the end of each section.

    3. Step number 1, the official transcript, must be mailed to the JATC.

    After you complete each section, click on the incomplete button to enter that part of the application.

  6. Once you have completed each section of the application, the button will change to complete.

    1. Once all the sections have been completed and we receive your official transcript, then the application will be marked “Done.”

    2. We will assign an application tracking number and schedule your next step.


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